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Competency management

Generating CV

Choosing the best candidate

What is SkillsDB?

SkillsDB is an innovative tool, which makes it easy and convenient for the user to create, view and manage employee or candidate profiles. SkillsDB supports free competency (qualifications) defining by the user, depending on the sector, and retrieving profiles that meet the selected criteria. Key data are stored in one place, which makes the employee search simple and intuitive. SkillsDB also supports CV generating in a selected format.

How it works?

SkillsDB is offered in two models:

  • licensed, i.e. installed in the client’s operating environment. This model is offered to Clients, who want to control the application environment or cannot use external application services.
  • Saas, i.e. Clients are given access to the application operating in the supplier’s environment. This model does not require a dedicated IT infrastructure to manage profile database.
The Client needs just Internet access to use the application 24h at any location.

Who can use it?

SkillsDB is the tool to be used by both, recruitment agencies as well as business, which want to manage employee competencies internally. SkillsDB application is implemented so that every client would be able to customize it to own needs and resources using available functionalities.


  • competency management within an organization
  • CV/profile viewing
  • profile management
  • CV generating in selected format
  • profile searching by competencies
  • defining key and optional qualifications in a uniform structure
  • user access based on authorization level and place in the organizational structure
  • reports


Data entry

The system uses several dictionary fields, which makes data entry very easy. Dictionaries are used to build a consistent competency system, which supports cohesive and comparable search results. Dictionaries are defined by the user, so that the organization nomenclature can be used.

Profile viewing / editing

SkillsDB allows the user highly intuitive management of own profile, or profiles of others, depending on the authorization level. You can check, delete or correct the information you entered at any time, using „Edit” button. When the „Edit” link is selected for a given area, the system will to the section, which user wants to correct.

Competency searching

Professional career path choice is a complex matter. Detailed competences required for a given position and scope of responsibilities can very often be checked only in practice. Using SkillsDB system you can search the candidate database by competencies that have been entered in the existing profiles. You just need to enter one or more competencies in „Search” field. The system will generate the report with the list of candidates most suitable for your needs. SkillsDB can search both by defined competencies as well as the competencies included in the professional experience or project descriptions.

Generating CV

SkillsDB system makes it easy to convert the created profile in CV in MS Word file format. You may also configure the displayed information to be transferred to the CV by selecting available sections, e.g. certificates or language skills. The system can also generate anonymized CV’s – with initials instead of a full name or without a photograph.

Competency management

Correctly implemented competency management mechanisms should be helpful in specifying the skills required for a given job position. You can define the groups of profiles required by the employer, add new profiles, which define the requirements for a given position. SkillsDB system will match candidates to the selected position. It should be a strategic goal for each business to clearly define competencies of employees and to ensure their career development. SkillsDB system can convert employee competencies data into MS Excel files so that the user can have the full information on the career path the employee wants to follow. You can also easily select a group of people, for whom HR department may design selected training.


SkillsDB is a ready-made service providing comprehensive approach to your needs.

Convenient - you just need the Internet browser, no installation is necessary,

Availability – you may access SkillsDB system at any time and place,

Simplicity – user friendly application interface, intuitive operation

Time and money savings – fast data entry and accurate searches

Security – authorized access only.

Demo version

2 users

Supports 10 profiles



Commercial version

Number of users:

Number of profiles:

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